What is Rove?
Rove is an infinitely expanding space where anyone can host, discover, and monetize any sort of digital experience. People are in charge here, not corporations or algorithms.

Create and explore web3 experiences.

Rove is open infrastructure for anyone to create a metaverse.

Everything in the Rove System is permissionless by design. Anyone can create their own metaverse, populate it with diverse virtual experiences, and operate it freely outside the jurisdiction of centralized institutions and corporations.

Rove runs on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, EVM-compatible and established blockchains. Networks will be added as the industry matures.

Rove is the toolkit for hosting and monetizing virtual experiences.

Rove equips creators with no-code tools to host content in both familiar and exciting new mediums: VR, 3D, Streaming, Audio, Video, etc. The toolkit is designed to encourage creativity; specialized skills are not needed and anyone can create value on web3.

It also gives them fairer opportunities to monetize their content . Creators decide what they earn, not platforms. They have sole control over everything they create, including all their content and any NFT assets.

Rove is your corner of the new web.

Finding weird and awesome little communities, sharing a joke with a stranger, stumbling onto history being made — that’s what we like about the internet. Not the tech monopolies and the rules they set.

That’s why we’re building Rove. So you can create whatever you want

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